Historic Laterite Stone Pillar

There’s a laterite (jambha/chira) stone pillar of historic importance in the backyard of Bal Babubhai Mehta’s house in Matvan. As per the story he has heard, Sambhaji Shankar Mahadik explains that a Maratha Senapati (Army General, probably from the ‘More’ Maratha clan of Javali) used to come from the port of Harnai riding his horse and proceed to the Palgad Machi (Plateau) Fort after taking rest in Matvan. While in Matvan, he used to tie his horse to this laterite stone pillar. The constant friction of the horse’s rope has resulted in a groove being created at the top of the rock.

Co-incidentally, Bal Babubhai Mehta’s neighbour happens to be Rohidas Mahadev More who shares the same surname as the Maratha Senapati and this stone pillar is now a part of the boundary that divides the backyards of the houses of both these gentlemen.

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