Gondhal at Matvan

The Gondhal ritual was performed on 26 April, 2015 at Matvan for married couples from the Mahadik Maratha clan to get the blessings of Goddess Kuldevi Aai Salubai Bhavani. The venue was the home of the late Shankar Shabaji Mahadik which also houses the throne of Aai Salubai Bhavani. Mr. & Mrs. Sambhaji Shankar Mahadik acted as hosts for the ritual.

A group of Gondhalis led by Mr. Khambal from Velvi (Dapoli) carried out the ritual which started with the couples paying a visit to all the temples in the village and visiting a few village houses to beg for alms (called ‘Jogwa’) as per tradition. When back at the venue, the Gondhalis started making preparations for the Gondhal. The throne of Aai Salubai Bhavani was moved from the house to the area of the ritual and the couples performed the various Gondhal rituals to seek Her blessings.

After the rituals, the couples took part in the Gondhal dance along with other villagers. They danced in a circle around the ritual area to the tune of the music played and the traditional Gondhal song sung by the Gondhalis. At the end, the throne of Aai Salubai Bhavani was moved back to its original place in the house and the couples called out each other’s names in the traditional way. The event culminated with food being served to people from 5 villages.

And here’s a video showing how the entire ritual unfolded:

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  1. Sourabh mahadik says:

    Had great time enjoying the’gondhal’. Great pics courtesy.. Salil dada.

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