Situated 29 kms from Matvan (15 kms from Dapoli), Harnai is a port and a fishing village that has temples, beaches and forts. Every evening hundreds of fishing boats come back after fishing and gather to auction their catch at about 6:00 pm. Watching fish auctions has become one of the major tourist attractions at Harnai.

It houses 4 forts viz. Suvarnadurg, Kanakdurg, Goagad and Fategad. Suvarnadurg was a base for the Maratha navy ship-building facility. The Chief of Maratha Navy, Kanhoji Angrey spent his childhood in this fort, of which he was later the Governor. Kanakdurg Fort is a sub fort of Suvarnadurg. On one of the highest points on the fort, there is an old lighthouse. Goa fort lies on the way of Harnai harbour. Fategad, located between Kanakdurg and Goagad, houses a fishermen colony.

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