Savitri River

Savitri River is one of the 5 rivers that originate from Mahabaleshwar. It takes its origin at Tiger’s Spring and flows through Raigad district from east to west forming a natural boundary between Ratnagiri and Raigad districts before merging with the Arabian Sea near Harihareshwar. It passes through Poladpur, Mahad, Mangaon, Mhasla and Shrivardhan talukas.

There is an interesting legend behind the origin of Savitri River. It says that Lord Brahma was performing Yagna in this region along with Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma’s younger consort, Gayatri. On this occasion, Brahma forgot to wait for his senior consort Savitri. When Savitri arrived, she felt insulted and in her fury, she transformed these four into rivers. In retaliation, they also turned Savitri into the river known as Savitri River. Lord Vishnu became Krishna River and began to flow east while Lord Shiva got transformed into Koyna River and started to flow south.

These photos are taken while travelling on the Mhapral-Ambet Bridge (Mhasla taluka, Raigad district) located about 44 kms from Matvan (55 kms from Dapoli).

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