Waghjai Devi Mandir

Shri Aai Waghjai Devi, Matvan

http://thestarrycauldron.com/2017/03/frequency-transmission-three-one/ Shri Aai Waghjai Devi (वाघजाई देवी) Mandir is the second temple on the left hand side when you enter the Zolai Devi temple complex in Matvan. It’s next to the Vardai Devi Mandir and diagonally opposite to the Zolai Devi Mandir.

Matvan’s Shimgotsav

Sahan, Matvan

buy dapoxetine online pharmacy Villagers circling around the ‘Hom’ singing hymns and then dancing around the lit ‘Hom’ shouting ‘Vochcho… Vochcho’ during Matvan’s Shimgotsav (शिमगोत्सव) on 05 March, 2007. Later, the villagers danced with the palanquins of village deity Zolai Devi (झोलाई देवी) and her brother Vadavali’s Khem Bawa (खेम बावा).

Zolai Devi Mandir

Shri Aai Zolai Devi, Matvan

Shri Aai Zolai Devi (झोलाई देवी) is the village deity of Matvan. The temple houses two idols – Shri Aai Zolai Devi on the left (the bigger idol) and Shri Aai Chaundai Devi (चौंडाई देवी) on the right.