Historic Laterite Stone Pillar

Laterite (Jambha/Chira) Stone Pillar

There’s a laterite (jambha/chira) stone pillar of historic importance in the backyard of Bal Babubhai Mehta’s house in Matvan. As per the story he has heard, Sambhaji Shankar Mahadik explains that a Maratha Senapati (Army General, probably from the ‘More’ Maratha clan of Javali) used to come from the port … continue reading

Felicitation of Akshay Mahadik

Akshay Mahadik being felicitated by Guardian Minister of Ratnagiri

Akshay Sanjay Mahadik scored 98.55% marks in the 2013 Maharashtra SSC Board Examination and stood 1st in Konkan! He was felicitated for this feat of his by the Guardian Minister (पालकमंत्री) of Ratnagiri, Mr. Uday Samant himself. Our own Matvan GramSeva Mandal and Matvan Panchakroshi felicitated Akshay at the Marathi School Manor Hall … continue reading